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Hi guys! Today I’ll be sharing my interest in music. Okay you’ve all got to admit Music is life! Sometimes I’d rather just stay in my room all day with my music box swaying my hips to the songs playing (NB: I can’t dance to save my life😂). Today I’ve been enjoying myself listening toContinue reading “MUSIC”

About me

Hi everyone! The name’s Priscilla which means “Ancient “. I find that weird but cool nonetheless. I was wondering what my parents thought about when they decided to name me Priscilla but I love the name anyway. So it’s my first time here and I’m nervous, anxious or excited I don’t know, Mixed feelings. OpeningContinue reading “About me”

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I’m supposed to introduce myself, yet I don’t know where to start from. I have a lot of attributes and prospects . Okay let’s do this

Hi! My name is Priscilla which means “Ancient” which I find weird but cool nonetheless. I love to write during my spare time because I believe in a way writing can change things. I love to read. I’m a fashion freak, I’m not fashionable but I love checking out the latest trend. Music is my world.

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